$ 0.016

Market Değeri $1,565,189.000
Hacim 24H 0 PTOY
Açılış 24H $0.016
Düşük/Yüksek $0.015 - $0.016

Patientory is a Ethereum-based decentralized medical record storage computing platform where Healthcare entities can secure private health information, rent computing power, servers and data centers and make their unused resources available through a unique private infrastructure. The PTOY token is the native token of the Patientory platform. In exchange of PTOY tokens, users will be able to use the network to rent information storage space, and to execute smart payment contracts. Patientory is a company incorporated in Delaware, United States under the name PATIENTORY, INC. (Company Number, 5921117).

Mkt.Cap $ 1,565,189.00 Hacim 24H 0.00000000 PTOY
Pazar Payı 0% Toplam Arz 24H 100,001,999.00 PTOY
Sağlama Tipi Açılış $ 0.02
Düşük $ 0.02 Yüksek $ 0.02
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