$ 0.002

Market Değeri $2,346,768.000
Hacim 24H 0 DRT
Açılış 24H $0.002
Düşük/Yüksek $0.002 - $0.002

DomRaider network is an open-source blockchain dedicated to the decentralization of auctions in real time. It will be transparent, adaptable and inter-operable, without compromising on speed.

Live auctioneers, escrow, appraisal experts, delivery services and online auctions providers will all be able to join the network, provide their services and add value to the blockchain.

Mkt.Cap $ 2,346,768.00 Hacim 24H 0.00000000 DRT
Pazar Payı 0% Toplam Arz 24H 1,300,000,000.00 DRT
Sağlama Tipi Açılış $ 0.0018
Düşük $ 0.0017 Yüksek $ 0.0018
Tarih Fiyat Hacim