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Market Değeri $0.000
Hacim 24H 8322 DIM
Açılış 24H $0.002
Düşük/Yüksek $0.002 - $0.002

The DIM Ecosystem is a collective of financial and equity service providers that utilize the Data Interchange Module (DIM) cryptocurrencies a means of exchange.

Built on the NEM blockchain, the currencies used in DIM come in two versions, the DIMCOIN and DIM Currencies. DIMCOIN is a tradable speculative cryptocurrency and DIM currencies are fiat-pegged digital currencies for the DIM-Ecosystem e-commerce and merchant purchasing. Users can exchange DIMCOIN for DIM Currencies in order to purchase assets in the DIM Ecosystem. Through Depotwallet debit cards users can perform online and walk-in merchant shopping.

There is a third token besides the DIMCOIN and the DIM currencies, the DIM token, which will be made available to the public during the ICO. The tokens represent a form of ownership in the DIM Ecosystem. Token holders with +50 DIM TOKENs will receive 30% of the net fee transfers on the DIMCOIN, DIM Currencies and cryptonised assets conducted in the DIM Ecosystem. 

Mkt.Cap $ 0.00000000 Hacim 24H 8,322.00 DIM
Pazar Payı 0% Toplam Arz 24H 10,000,000.00 DIM
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Düşük $ 0.0015 Yüksek $ 0.0017
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